I perceive my art as an extension of my psyche.  Life experiences have been woven into the content of each work, these memories become the threads that literally create layers on the canvas.  My collages in particular are overlapping layers of my own personal growth experiences through the media of paper.  The process has become a metaphor for my utter existence… a mental road map in which art therapy becomes the vehicle for catharsis.  Sometimes I utilize tangible mementos, train/bus/plane tickets, journal entries, photographs, hair, etc… to create a story through paper collage on my canvas.  I have lived a full life, traveling the hippy trail in Europe, having been a truck driver, working on a Lakota Reservation in South Dakota, employment on a psychiatric ward for 10 years as an art therapist and most recently becoming a mother.  All of these experiences have had a profound effect on my art.





Sigrid is one of the founders and organizers of ARTCHO -- an annual festival bringing the people of Charlottesville together to enjoy art, music, and food in a relaxed, family-friendly environment. Learn more >



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